[gmx-users] tesla vs gtx

Andrzej Rzepiela Andrzej.Rzepiela at physik.uni-freiburg.de
Thu Jan 5 11:46:09 CET 2012


 From the previous posts on the list I got the feeling that gtx are  
fine enough for gromacs calculations and  4 times more expensive  
teslas are actually  not necessary. However the hardware providers  
discourage us from using gtx in a small cluster. The number of reasons  
is listed on the website http://www.fluidyna.de/en/tesla_geforce .   
For the future versions of parallel gromacs are the listed points ( in  
particular  faster data transfers to/from CPU, faster GPU-GPU  
communication and less memory errors on teslas) relevant ?

Thank you for comments


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