[gmx-users] another question about performance

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Recheck the units for that last number ….

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  here is my log file for mdrun:
Writing final coordinates.
step 100000, remaining runtime:     0 s

 Average load imbalance: 10.8 %
 Part of the total run time spent waiting due to load imbalance: 4.3 %
 Steps where the load balancing was limited by -rdd, -rcon and/or -dds: X 0 % Y 19 % Z 0 %
 Average PME mesh/force load: 0.665
 Part of the total run time spent waiting due to PP/PME imbalance: 5.7 %

NOTE: 5.7 % performance was lost because the PME nodes
      had less work to do than the PP nodes.
      You might want to decrease the number of PME nodes
      or decrease the cut-off and the grid spacing.

NOTE: 9 % of the run time was spent communicating energies,
      you might want to use the -gcom option of mdrun

        Parallel run - timing based on wallclock.

               NODE (s)   Real (s)      (%)
       Time:   2435.554   2435.554    100.0
               (Mnbf/s)   (GFlops)   (ns/day)  (hour/ns)
Performance:    409.701     22.103      7.095      3.383

gcq#149: "It's Against the Rules" (Pulp Fiction)

As we can see from the end of this log file, the performance is 7.1ns/day, 3.4ns/hour. I am very confused about this output. How could this happen? Is there only two hours something each day?

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