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hannes.loeffler at stfc.ac.uk hannes.loeffler at stfc.ac.uk
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The question was what version of _ bash_ you are using.  If this is your login shell a Ctrl-x-v would tell you.  Other wise execture /bin/bash and see what you are really using.

But what you should have done first is search your particular error message with a search engine of your choice.  The first hits with Google for example suggest that you are not using bash at all on that other machine.

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One is a newer 12. version Vs. 11.10.  The one PC at home just ignores the for loop, and uses it as an infanite loop over everything while the other complains of syntax (vs.12).  The one "while" loop I posted works on both, and you can also catch averidges well by $> sh script.sh >> outterminaloutput.txt  If somone is interested in averidges.  For me they're not that important, except mayby solvent  wise.  I looked at it with terminal output and realized it went on for 10,000 or more steps/iterations over g_energy but didnt notice before is why it threw me off.

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