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mohammad agha mra_bu at yahoo.com
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Dear Justin, 

Thank you very much from your reply.
I installed VMD on my system before but when I type vmd in terminal, the basic page of VMD flash and disappear!!! Because of my system was sensitive So, I decided work by ngmx. Can you help me about this problem, Please?

Best Regards

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On 5/7/12 1:50 PM, mohammad agha wrote:
> Dear Gromacs users,
> I work with Gromacs in Linux, I want prepare a copy of snapshots by ngmx with
> jpg or pdf format or whatever that be open in Windows.
> May I ask you to help me,Please?

ngmx is a very simple viewing program.  There are far better rendering programs capable of rendering publication-quality images (VMD, Chimera, PyMOL, etc) in a variety of formats.

If there is something specific about ngmx you need help with, ask a specific question.


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