[gmx-users] RMSD

Justin Lemkul jalemkul at vt.edu
Wed Jan 23 19:06:06 CET 2013

On 1/23/13 12:48 PM, Shima Arasteh wrote:
> I want to find the structure with the lowest RMSD, so I think it does not make different to set any of pdb files as the ref structure.
> I made an attempt and got the RMSD regarding the first pdb file. The RMSD relative to -1 for the ref structure, is written in xvg file. Is my approach logically correct?

The RMSD value should be positive, so I don't know how you get -1.  Your 
approach does not seem very sound - a structure does not have an absolute RMSD 
value; it has an RMSD value relative to a reference structure, which must be 
some sort of meaningful comparison or else you're not really measuring anything 



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