[gmx-users] Specific question regarding SPC water model

Justin Lemkul jalemkul at vt.edu
Tue Jun 4 02:04:01 CEST 2013

On 6/3/13 7:49 PM, tnorgd wrote:
> Dear group,
> I am not sure how SPC energy actually works - is there really just one VdW
> interaction - just between two oxygen atoms?

Yep.  A lot of force fields work like that.  Given the size of H atoms relative 
to their heavy atom counterparts, the heavy atom to which they are connected 
generally governs the vdW interactions.

> If so, when I place a hydrogen atom of one water molecule at the location of
> the oxygen from another water,
> the two oxygens are separated by the distance of H-O bond length i.e. 1.0A.
> The only VdW interaction is repulsive but finite (and equal ~4E6) but the
> electrostatic between H and O is -Inf = 1/0.0
> What's wrong?

Nothing.  That makes perfect sense.  You're introducing atomic overlap and thus 
an energetic singularity from the infinite Coulombic attraction.



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