[gmx-users] Regarding lipid bilayer simulation

hasthi durgs7krish at gmail.com
Sun Oct 6 06:47:30 CEST 2013

Dear GROMACS users,
                                I have been trying to simulate protein of
my interest in lipid bilayer(POPC) . I am following the tutorial of KALP-15
in DPPC. When I try to minimise the system after generating
system_inflated.gro. I get a fatal error from grompp which reads invalid
line in system_inflated.gro.

I am trying to follow the tutorial KALP15 in DPPC for lipid bilayer
simulation. When I minimise the system after generating
system_inflated.gro, I get a fatal error as given below.

Fatal error:
Invalid line in system_inflated.gro for atom 6439:
  25.67360  25.77400   6.59650

25.67360  25.77400   6.59650 (This is the box vectors which comes in the
system_inflated.gro).I am clueless about this error.

What might be the probable reason for this error?? Thanks in advance for
the suggestions.


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