[gmx-users] SSE4 → AVX2

nicola staffolani n.staffolani at unitus.it
Wed Aug 27 10:58:36 CEST 2014

Dear Gromacs users & developers,

my computer tells me that, if I'd use AVX_256 instead of SSE4, then my
simulations would be done much faster. Which changes in which files do I
have to do in order to achieve this? I have serched the mailing list but
couldn't find the explicit answer: I warn you that I am not so much of a
geek, therefore suggesting me, for example, to change the path, without
telling me which precise actions I have to carry on (for example, as
already said, which lines I have to change/add in which file) in order to
achieve this, will only generate the next email from my side and then,
since by then you will have already started answering me, you will lose
more time answering me back than if you would have precisely described in
the first reply the order of precise actions needed to be done in order to
achieve the goal ;)

Thank you for helping and have a nice day/night, ​

Nicola Staffolani PhD
Biophysics & Nanoscience Centre CNISM <http://www.unitus.it/biophysics>
Università della Tuscia
Largo dell'Università s.n.c., I-01100 Viterbo
email: n.staffolani at unitus.it
tel.: +39 0761 35 70 27; fax: +39 0761 35 71 36

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