[gmx-users] g_mindist works along trajectory? (gromacs 4.6)

Justin Lemkul jalemkul at vt.edu
Wed Aug 27 20:14:45 CEST 2014

On 8/27/14, 2:10 PM, ms wrote:
> Dear Gromacs users,
> I am using Gromacs 4.6. I would like to plot the contacts (minimum atom-atom
> distances) between some residue side chains and a ligand along a trajectory. I
> thought I would find the solution in g_dist or g_mindist, however, if I
> understand correctly:
> - g_dist calculates the distances between the *center of mass* of a group (say,
> the residue) and another (say, the ligand). This is not really what I want,
> since I want the *minimum* distance between the two groups, to declare it a
> contact or not.
> - g_mindist calculates the minimum distance between the two groups ; however it
> seems to me it does give the minimum distance along *all* the trajectory, not
> for each individual frame. Am I wrong?

g_mindist will plot the minimum distance of any atom pairs frame by frame.

> In short, what's the best strategy to accomplish what I am trying to do?

g_mindist should handle all of this.



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