[gmx-users] Question Re. KALP-15 in DPPC tutorial

Justin Lemkul jalemkul at vt.edu
Sat Jan 25 04:36:51 CET 2014

On 1/24/14, 10:30 PM, jhosamelly wrote:
> I'm now doing the GROMACS tutorial KALP-15 in DPPC
> I followed everything that is said needed to be changed in the topol.top,
> lipid.itp, ffbonded.itp, ffnonbonded.itp . Or at least I think so.
> http://www.bevanlab.biochem.vt.edu/Pages/Personal/justin/gmx-tutorials/membrane_protein/02_topology.html
> I copied the [atom type] section from the tutorial, since as what it says
> the one from lipid.itp lacks atm.no. column, to the ffnonbonded.itp.
> I copied [ nonbond_params ] from the lipid.itp, except the section ";;
> parameters for lipid-GROMOS interactions." , to the [ nonbond_params ] at
> ffnonbonded.itp.
> I copied [ pairtypes ] from lipid.ito to [ pairtypes ] at  ffnonbonded.itp.
> I copied the [ dihedraltypes ] from lipid.itp to the ffbonded.itp
> but the when I tried to follow this
> "We have already aligned the KALP peptide using editconf. The bilayer lies
> in the x-y plane, with the normal along the z-axis. Convert the dppc128.pdb
> to .gro format with editconf and remove the initial periodicity. The latter
> step is easily accomplished through the use of trjconv:"
> the command I used is editconf -f dppc128.pdb -o dppc128.gro
> I don't know how to "remove the initial periodicity" so I continued and
> typed the next command

There are multiple steps in this process; it encompasses most of the second 
entitled "1. Orient the protein and membrane."

> "(1) Generate a .tpr file for a DPPC-only system using grompp. You can use
> any valid .mdp file and a topology corresponding to pure DPPC. An example
> .mdp file can be found here and such a topology can be found here. Note how
> simple the topology is. It includes dppc.itp and spc.itp to read parameters
> for DPPC and water; it's that simple! Run grompp:
> grompp -f minim.mdp -c dppc128.gro -p topol_dppc.top -o em.tpr"
> I get fatal error
> Fatal error:
> Unknown atomtype HW


"Non-bonded interactions involving atom type HW are also present; since these 
are all zero you can delete these lines as well, or otherwise rename HW as H to 
be consistent with the GROMOS96 53A6 naming convention. If you do not rename 
these lines or remove them, grompp will later fail with a fatal error."



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