[gmx-users] Inserting required no. of water using genbox -ci -nmol crashing

Justin Lemkul jalemkul at vt.edu
Wed Jul 2 12:18:07 CEST 2014

On 7/2/14, 12:02 AM, shivangi nangia wrote:
> Hello gmx-users,
> This is regarding inserting required number of TIP3P water molecules using
> genbox.
> I have a system containing POPC, peptide, water molecules & ions.
> For some system set up, I had to delete all the waters and ions ( The box
> size was not changed). Now I  want to insert the same number of water
> molecules back into the box (35228) but the job keeps crashing. When I run
> it interactively it says there is not enough memory and if I submit in
> queue the job just exits or goes into zombie mode.
> System size: 9.38943   9.38943  15.54950
> command: genbox_mpi -cp  popc_pep.gro -ci spc.gro -nmol 35228 -o
> solvated.gro
> I have tried varied kinds of spc.gro containing just one water molecule, 2
> ,3 and 4 (system size fixed accordingly using editconf -d 0 )
> On using -cs option, lesser number of water molecules get inserted than
> 35228 on using the spc216.gro found in the /apps/gromacs/top folder.

That means there's not enough room in the box for that many waters in those 
given configurations.  You run out of memory because (1) using -ci -nmol is a 
horribly inefficient way to insert waters and (2) genbox simply can't find 
enough space, so it keeps going until system resources are exhausted.



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