[gmx-users] Interaction energy graph

Justin Lemkul jalemkul at vt.edu
Sun Mar 16 15:06:37 CET 2014

On 3/16/14, 12:49 AM, kannan wrote:
> Dear Justin,
> sorry sir i forget to attahc the files, it is here attached. Thank you very
> much for your reply.. I answer the above question,
> 1. I am doing the protein-ligand interaction(electrostati+vanderWaals). I
> took the 140 amino acid as a sequence which contains binding site of the
> protein in Chain A of protein.
> 2. why i choose this sequence is, to know the binding interaction in deep.
> my objective is what are the amino acid residues are important for the
> interaction with ligand and if we dock the ligand far away from the
> important amino acid residues(which is essential for strong binding), how
> the interaction energy varies.
> 3. while docking ligand with important amino acid residue, i get the
> 'A-plot', where as if i dock the ligand far away from this particular amino
> acid residue, i get the 'B-plot'.
> I think, my conclusion is that, the decreasing interaction in the B-plot is
> due to the lack of the particular one important amino acid residue. so this
> particular residue and its region is has more contribution in the binding...
> I attached both the A-plot and B-plot sir...
> is my conclusion correct from the graph?

The function of this mailing list is for getting help with Gromacs problems, not 
doing your data interpretation for you.  Consult with your supervisor and/or 
colleagues, who know more about your project and problem at hand than any of us 
can possibly hope to.



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