[gmx-users] binding delta G, H and S for ion-protein

Justin Lemkul jalemkul at vt.edu
Sun Mar 16 20:27:40 CET 2014

On 3/16/14, 2:05 PM, Andrew Bostick wrote:
> Dear Justin
> Thanks for your answer.
> All of methods you mentioned ( PMF, TI, FEP, BAR) are used for calculating
> free energy (G). In addition to free energy (G), I want to calculate
> enthalpy (H) and entropy (S).
> Are you sure can I use above methods for calculating both of enthalpy (H)
> and entropy (S)?

There are two separate questions at hand here.  The first is: which method for 
calculating free energies is appropriate to the system at hand?  The second is: 
how do I do that in Gromacs?  I can't help you with the first; no one on this 
list can because there's too much that we don't know.  Your job is to survey the 
literature and consult with colleagues/supervisors for recommendations. 
Studying ion binding to proteins is not a new idea.  Once you have a direct 
approach that you wish to use within Gromacs, that's where those of us on the 
list can help.



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