[gmx-users] berger lipid parameters in amber99sb-ildn ff

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Dear Chris

Sorry, That didn't solve my problem. I tried that option ,before posting
here, with different authors from two publications, but seems no reply from
anybody. I wish, I could find somebody in this mailing list who is willing
to put forward his/her advice or share their experience with me to solve
this issue. Many thanks in advance.

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See this paper for Amber protein and berger lipids:


If you contact the authors, I am sure that they can send you the files.


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Dear Users

I am trying to run a drug-protein simulation in GROMACS. I have calculated
the ligand paramteres using the generalized amber force field (GAFF) . ESP
partial charges were calculated using HF/6-31G* basis set. RESP fitting was
performed using the Antechamber . Now I am having trouble in introducing
the berger lipid parameters into the topology file created by
amber99sb-ildn ff . All I got are gromos adopted forcefield files and
berger lipid parameters as I want to run my simulation in united-atom POPC
membrane with berger lipid parameter and amber99sb-ildn ff for protein. Is
there any link to download the amber adopted toplogy file for united atom
POPC with berger lipid forcefield parameters which may solve my problem.

I am following the method mentioned in this publication doi:
10.3109/09687688.2013.773095. to set up my protocol.


 With Regards
Monoj Mon Kalita
Taipei, Taiwan


With Regards

Monoj Mon Kalita
Taipei, Taiwan

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