[gmx-users] RDF analysis with respect to center of mass of rotein

Justin Lemkul jalemkul at vt.edu
Fri Sep 19 22:36:07 CEST 2014

On 9/18/14 4:45 PM, Carlos Navarro Retamal wrote:
> Hi Justin,
> First of all thanks for your reply.
> It worked, but i’m getting weird results.
> When i measured the RDF between:
> Protein (COM) - Glycerol (the entire molecule)  i got a huge pick at 0.022 nm, which doesn’t make any sense (because i presumed that at this distance there must be a steric effect) am i right? Because this is my first time considering the center of mass of a molecule, so i don’t really know which distances are ‘normal’ are which are not considering one group as a COM of the protein.
> i used the next command:
>> g_rdf -f npt_production.xtc -com -s npt_production.tpr-o TEST-glycerol.xvg
> group 1: Protein
> group 2: GOL (glycerol molecules)

Indeed a distance of 0.022 nm would be physically impossible (that's 1/5 the 
length of a C-H bond!), so it's something else.  I wouldn't expect it to be an 
issue, but note that g_rdf warns about the value of nrexcl in the topology. 
Probably some intramolecular terms are contributing in a weird way.  If this is 
the only bizarre peak, you can probably safely ignore it using g_rdf -cut 0.05 
or something similar.



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