[gmx-users] Topology error

Justin Lemkul jalemkul at vt.edu
Tue Apr 7 18:49:35 CEST 2015

On 4/7/15 8:23 AM, Abid Channa wrote:
> Dear gromacs users, I am working on protein-ligand simulation, I have
> prepared ligand topology through PRODRG server, it is generating many files ,
> I am taking co-ordinate file Gromos-87/Gromacs (polar/aromatic hydrogens) and
> gromacs topoplogy file interms "drg.itp", problem is that PRODRG only take
> unprotonated form while I am giving input file with protonated form , prodrg
> delete all the hydrogens, my ligand has 58 atoms , while PRODRG only generate
> 36 atoms topoly and coordinate file, PRODRG also generate all hydrogen file
> when I take that file topolgy error occurs in topol.top file and solv.gro
> file,, waiting for comments from all of you specially from Justin ,,,,,

If there's a problem with protonation (note: this only applies to titratable 
groups), see the PRODRG FAQ.  It doesn't deal with ionization state well; you 
have to tell it what you want.

The rest is likely due to the fact that GROMOS is a united-atom force field; 
aliphatic hydrogens are not explicitly represented.

Take great care to refine any PRODRG-generated topology.  They're never usually 
very accurate.



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