[gmx-users] Position restraint for ions

Justin Lemkul jalemkul at vt.edu
Tue Apr 14 22:26:46 CEST 2015

On 4/14/15 3:25 PM, Marcelo Depólo wrote:
>> *Fatal error:[ file rna_ion.itp, line 1753 ]:Atom index (90849) in
>>>> position_restraints out of bounds (1-1748).This probably means that you
>>>> have inserted topology section "position_restraints"in a part belonging
>>>> to
>>>> a different molecule than you intended to.In that case move the
>>>> "position_restraints" section to the right molecule.*
>>>> It seems the ions are not included as the same moleculetype as the RNA
>>>> and
>>>> Gromacs see this as an error.
>>>> Would someone knows a neat way to do this?
>>> The ions need to be merged into the RNA [moleculetype] definition in
>>> order for this to work.  This isn't something that is done after the fact
>>> with index groups as you're trying above; the topologies need to be merged,
>>> e.g. with pdb2gmx -chainsep -merge, or by hand if the ions aren't part of
>>> the input coordinate file.
>>> Thanks, Justin. I have tried that by using '-merge all' but this created
>> a .top without the ions. RNA and water only. grompp even warned me that my
>> system now has non-zero charge. Any ideas?
> And surprisingly, if I remove the water with 'editconf', and only then I
> merge them using pdb2gmx, then the topology is written right (with the ions
> and zero net charge). Confusing, han?

I can offer no rationalization without seeing your commands and perhaps getting 
access to your files.  Merging RNA+ions is something I do routinely, but I 
always do that before adding any water or anything else.



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