[gmx-users] help: Gromacs

nlmanso at laposte.net nlmanso at laposte.net
Fri Apr 17 14:55:10 CEST 2015

Dear All, 

I am a student at the University of Lyon, and I would like to perform molecular dynamics simulations by using the software Gromacs. In order to do this I plan to acquire a computer workstation dedicated to these simulations and I would like to know the « Hardware requirements » for the best choice. 
Thank you in advance for you help. 

Just for your information I am currently hesitating between these two computers : 

- New Dell Precision Tower 7910 Workstation T7910 - CA004PT7910MUWS ( http://mtx-computer.fr/en/new-dell-precision-tower-7910-workstation-t7910-ca004pt7910muws.html?info=205039 ) 
- New Dell Precision Tower 7910 Workstation T7910 - CA005PT7910MUWS ( http://mtx-computer.fr/en/new-dell-precision-tower-7910-workstation-t7910-ca005pt7910muws.html?info=205041 ) 

Best regards, 


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