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Fri Apr 24 14:39:09 CEST 2015

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> Subject: [gmx-users] Regarding Topolbuild1_3
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> Hi,
> I installed topolbuild1_3, ran the following command:
> /Desktop/np/topolbuild1_3/src$ ./topolbuild -dir /home/deepali/Desktop/np/topolbuild1_3/src -ff oplsaa -n ZnO -charge
> Fatal error.
> Source code file: atom_types.c, line: 87
> Cannot open file /home/deepali/Desktop/np/topolbuild1_3/src/ATOMTYPE_OPLSAA1.DEF
> Unable to find the origin of the error.
> Deepali Sharma
> Postdoctoral Fellow
> Department of Chemistry
> Durban University of Technology (DUT)
> Durban, SA

The error message means that the directory in which the definition files for the
force fields are found is not the directory you give with the -dir specification.
Judging from the directory that you gave, those files are probably located in

I hope that helps.

Bruce D. Ray, Ph.D.
Associate Scientist
Physics Dept.
402 N. Blackford St., Rm. LD-061
Indianapolis, IN  46202

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