[gmx-users] constraining secondary structure gmx 5

Smith, Micholas D. smithmd at ornl.gov
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I haven't tried to restrain secondary structure; however, it may be possible by using a combination of dihedral, angle, and distance restraints (see section 4.3 in the manual). If you look up the DSSP . It would likely be cumbersome, but it may be do-able. The question is if the results from your simulation would be meaningful after all of these restraints were added. Perhaps it would be useful to see if you can build your system using OPLS or Amber instead of CHARMM and determine if the peptide's structure still "falls-apart".

Good Luck 

Micholas Dean Smith, PhD.
Post-doctoral Research Associate
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Center for Molecular Biophysics

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I've been trying to run a gromacs simulation of alternating d/l cyclical peptides (yes I know this is a dead horse that's been beat one time to many...) and after a lot of experimentation I managed to get an initial setup working via charmm gui. However, as the simulation progresses the structure becomes completely unstable which doesn't fit the experimental results that I'm familiar with in the literature. I was wondering if there is any way to manually constrain a secondary structure on a per residue basis beyond the definitions in the posre file. The reason I'm asking this is that I'm aware that this is possible in CHARMM and NAMD but I can't seem to find anything detailing this in the gromacs manual.

Thanks to anyone responding to this!
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