[gmx-users] Problems Running Gromacs v-5.0.4

Stephen P. Molnar s.molnar at sbcglobal.net
Fri Feb 27 22:08:18 CET 2015

The original of this message was sent on 2/18.  To date it has greeted 
freeted with thundering silence.  I would really appreciate an answer, 
even if no solution is readily apparent.

> I have compiled and installed Gromacs v-5.0.4 (rather than using the
> version bundled with the distribution() in RoboLinux 7.81. without any
> warning or error messages.
> However, I have encountered problems running gmxdemo.  Although I get
> the message "Display variable is set" I see a flash, but the window does
> not stay open.  However, I do get the final display of the box and the
> simulation.
> The second problem probably involves permissions.  If I run the demo as
> the superuser, (RoboLinux does not allow the enablement of the root
> during the installation) The demo runs to completion without problems,
> other that the one of the vanishing window.
> Running gmxdemo as the superuser generated 39 files (including gmxdemo
> and cpeptide.pdb) while running as a user generates 23 files.
> Pointers towards solutions will be much appreciated.
> Thanks in advance.
Again, thanks in advance.


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