[gmx-users] How to add a repulsive harmonic potential through define virtual atom?

Justin Lemkul jalemkul at vt.edu
Wed Jul 8 02:35:41 CEST 2015

On 7/7/15 2:54 PM, masoud aliyar wrote:
>   Hello dear GMX users I want to predict the probability binding of ligand
> to protein by unguided simulation. But when I increased concentration of
> ligand in the simulation box, the ligands has aggregated. So I decide to
> add repulsive potential between some atoms of ligands. I had search the
> archive of GMX-User mailing list and saw this question: How to add a
> repulsive harmonic potential?(1) , and read its answers. Finally according
> to the Justin’s Solution I defined one new ATOM in [atomtype] section and
> placed it in the [atoms] section of my ligands topology file (lig.itp).
> Then I defined the added atom as virtual atom in [virtual_sitesn] section.
> Then I create a new topology file (ligand-parameter.itp) that includes
> [atomtype] section of ligands (has cut from ligand topology files) and
> [nonbond_params] section. Also I added coordination of these new atoms in
> my complex coordination file (Conf.pdb). When I run command gmx mdrun -v
> -deffnm em got this error: Software inconsistency error: The mass of a
> vsiten constructing atom is <= 0. Can anyone help me to fix this error? Log
> file of what I do is here (log) (Files are in download links)   1-
> https://mailman-1.sys.kth.se/pipermail/gromacs.org_gmx-users/2015-April/096469.html
> Download
> links :  http://d01.megashares.com/dl/Jt8d7PZ/lig.itp

You can't introduce [nonbond_params] in the middle of a [moleculetype] 
directive; it's surprising that grompp even parses the topology.

I see nothing obviously wrong with the virtual site construction but I have 
never used the [vsitesn] type.  See if another constructing geometry works.


> http://d01.megashares.com/dl/LguyLcH/ligand-parameter.itp
> http://d01.megashares.com/dl/FHhKyVe/conf.pdb
> http://d01.megashares.com/dl/aIEDwDN/log


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