[gmx-users] on a MD run notice

Justin Lemkul jalemkul at vt.edu
Wed May 6 17:18:41 CEST 2015

On 5/6/15 11:00 AM, Brett wrote:
> Dear All,
> For a NVT equilibration MD, I got the following notice. Will you please advice me whether the notice just told me I have wasted my computation resource, or I need to redo my NVT equilibration.

It's just performance loss; there's nothing wrong (from this message) with the 


> I am looking forward to getting your reply.
> Brett
> verage load imbalance: 7.7 %
>   Part of the total run time spent waiting due to load imbalance: 3.8 %
>   Steps where the load balancing was limited by -rdd, -rcon and/or -dds: X 0 % Y 0 %
>   Average PME mesh/force load: 0.228
>   Part of the total run time spent waiting due to PP/PME imbalance: 9.3 %
> NOTE: 9.3 % performance was lost because the PME ranks
>        had less work to do than the PP ranks.
>        You might want to decrease the number of PME ranks
>        or decrease the cut-off and the grid spacing.


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