[gmx-users] gromos53a6_lipid.ff/forcefield.itp not found

Justin Lemkul jalemkul at vt.edu
Wed May 27 22:34:33 CEST 2015

On 5/27/15 1:50 PM, Poncho Arvayo Zatarain wrote:
> Hello i'm doing a simulation and when i use grompp grompp -f dppc128.mdp -c dppc128_40ns.pdb -p dppc128.top -o dppc128_1.tpr i have this: Fatal error:
> Topology include file "gromos53a6_lipid.ff/forcefield.itp" not found. What should i include in my topolofy files?

So the force field doesn't exist.  Either grompp can't find the 
gromos53a6_lipid.ff directory or it doesn't have forcefield.itp (which would 
indicate it hasn't been constructed properly).


> And i have 2 notes: NOTE 1 [file dppc128.mdp, line 34]:
>    dppc128.mdp did not specify a value for the .mdp option "cutoff-scheme".
>    Probably it was first intended for use with GROMACS before 4.6. In 4.6,
>    the Verlet scheme was introduced, but the group scheme was still the
>    default. The default is now the Verlet scheme, so you will observe
>    different behaviour. Should i inlude Cutoff-scheme verlet in my mdp file?
> NOTE 2 [file dppc128.mdp]:
>    The Berendsen thermostat does not generate the correct kinetic energy
>    distribution. You might want to consider using the V-rescale thermostat. Should i include Berendsen at my Tcouple option on mdp file?


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