[gmx-users] Implicit and Explicit solvation

Timofey Tyugashev tyugashev at niboch.nsc.ru
Fri Dec 23 14:10:26 CET 2016

Implicit solvation treats solvent as a continuous medium (a kind of 
modifier for , while explicit one treats it as a set of explicit 
(surprise!) particles. I guess you can start reading from relevant 
Wikipedia articles.
Implicit is way faster to compute, the system itself also settles far 
quicker, but it's considered more inaccurate and harder to optimize for 
GPU. It's also possible to have a hybrid approach, when the whole system 
is solvated implicitly, but select solvent molecules are explicitly 
included in the model.

In GROMACS implicit solvent is depreciated, so you should either use 
explicit solvent, or pick a different MD engine if you want implicit.
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> Hi all,
> What's the difference between Implicit and Explicit solvation?
> Is there any difference in setting up the system for simulation?
> Which is computationally effiecient?
> Thanks in advance
> Azeem

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