[gmx-users] genebox and solvate command

Mehreen Jan mehreen_jan1990 at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 15 08:07:21 CET 2016

 when I have run the genbox command, it has shown that "This tool has been removed from Gromacs
5.0. Please see
for ideas how to perform the same tasks with the new tools."

In gromacs site, it is written that

This tool has been split to gmx solvate and gmx insert-molecules.

for solvate command:
solvate -cp *.pdb -cs spc216.gro -p topol.top -o *.pdb

undefined solute box
create one with gmx editconf or give expicit -box command line option??

what about gene box???

with "gmx help solvate"  and "gmx help
insert-molecules it is not clear what should i do???
what command are used???

thank you

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