[gmx-users] renumber ligand atom numbers

Justin Lemkul jalemkul at vt.edu
Sat Feb 27 13:14:16 CET 2016

On 2/27/16 6:04 AM, Sana Saeed wrote:
> hii am performing protein ligand binding free energy calculation through
> alchemical pathway. i made both topologies and generated distance, dihedral
> and angle restraints. in the index file i defined the restrained atoms. the
> error i got in energy minimization grompp is that the atom is out of range.
> it is because my protein is starting from atom num 1 and also my ligand
> starts with 1. in the gro file the numbering is changed , protein starts with

No, grompp is complaining because (I'm guessing, since you haven't provided us 
with an exact error message) you're specifying a completely nonexistent atom 
number somewhere.

> 1 and ends with 1020 , and ligand starts after 1020. but in topology i
> included the ligand.itp (from acpype) into complex topology file, and both
> molecules starts with 1. how can i change the numbering of ligand atoms as in

Don't alter the topology numbering.  It is a different concept from number in a 
coordinate file.  All [moleculetype] definitions MUST start from 1.  If you 
alter it, grompp will fail for a different reason.  Sort out the grompp problem 
you have now, not the one you'll create by breaking your topology.


> gro file. pdb2gmx -renum is not working because it is small ligand not a
> protein or peptide. if there is any code or any program please suggest.
> thanks in advance. Sana Saeed Khan,Teaching-Research
> AssistantChemoinformatics LabGraduate Student, MS bioinfoDepartment of
> BioinformaticsSoongsil University, Seoul, South Korea.


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