[gmx-users] [gmx-developers] GTX 680 non detected on OS X

Uliano Guerrini uliano.guerrini at unimi.it
Tue May 31 11:24:50 CEST 2016

> The output you pasted into that email clearly shows that libcudart is
> *statically* linked, so it's normal that it does not show up in the otool
> output (you can list the symbols in your binary with some OS X tool similar
> to nm if you want to verify).
> I have *no Idea* of the mechanism that is able to load libcudart without
>> having it listed by otool -L
> The mechanism is called binary loader (if you linked statically) ;)

actually it seems that libcudart *is* statically linked to libgromacs

configuring with:

uliano at MacPro:~/local/src/gromacs_build$ cmake ../gromacs-5.1.2 -DCMAKE_C_COMPILER=clang -DCMAKE_CXX_COMPILER=clang++ -DGMX_GPU=on -DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH="/opt/local;/Developer/NVIDIA/CUDA-7.5/lib"  -DCUDA_TOOLKIT_ROOT_DIR=/Developer/NVIDIA/CUDA-7.5 -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/opt/gromacs  -DCUDA_HOST_COMPILER=/usr/bin/clang++

I get:

uliano at MacPro:~$ nm  /opt/gromacs/lib/libgromacs.1.dylib | grep cudart | head
000000000090cd70 t __ZN6cudart10configData11addArgumentEPKvmm
000000000090cd30 t __ZN6cudart10configData5resetE4dim3S1_mP11CUstream_st
000000000090cc90 t __ZN6cudart10configDataC1Ev
000000000090ccd0 t __ZN6cudart10configDataC2Ev
000000000090cd10 t __ZN6cudart10configDataD1Ev
000000000090cd20 t __ZN6cudart10configDataD2Ev
000000000092c160 t __ZN6cudart10cuosCallocEmm
000000000092a3e0 t __ZN6cudart10cuosGetEnvEPKcPcm
000000000092c140 t __ZN6cudart10cuosMallocEm
000000000092a3d0 t __ZN6cudart10cuosSetEnvEPKcS1_

but still:

NOTE: Error occurred during GPU detection:
      CUDA driver version is insufficient for CUDA runtime version
      Can not use GPU acceleration, will fall back to CPU kernels.

so, maybe this is not a linking problem


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