[gmx-users] [gmx-developers] GTX 680 non detected on OS X

Uliano Guerrini uliano.guerrini at unimi.it
Tue May 31 06:49:28 CEST 2016

>> doesn’t report libcudart that is instead loaded at runtime as shown in my
>> previous mail sent on May 27 at 9:25
> The output you pasted into that email clearly shows that libcudart is
> *statically* linked, so it's normal that it does not show up in the otool
> output (you can list the symbols in your binary with some OS X tool similar
> to nm if you want to verify).

Thanks Szilárd,

now I see it. Strangely enough the equivalent of nm on OS X is… well nm :-).

I have a clearer idea of where I am: I should learn a lot about cuda and cmake and look into how the deviceQuery binary got compiled and linked.

Wouldn’t be possible to statically link cuda to gmx?


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