[gmx-users] About Area per lipids in Mixed Membranes

Poncho Arvayo Zatarain poncho_8629 at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 15 20:29:13 CET 2016

Hello: I want to calculate the area per lipids in DPPC/DPPE membranes of 128 lipids per leafleft. I have a membrane with 128 DPPC and 128 molecules ofDPPE and Box X and Box Y are 8.846591 and 8.846591 respectivelly. Should i calculate the area per lipid using (Box X * Box Y)/(#lipids per leafleft)?
Also i have tha same membrane (128 molecules of DPPC and 128 molecules of DPPE) but with more than 50 molecules of a drug inside the membrane. Box X and Box Y are 9.118480 and 9.118480. Should i use Box X * Box Y)/(#lipids per leafleft) too?
I´m using gromacs 5.0.2

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