[gmx-users] CMake Error at cmake/gmxManageSimd.cmake:67 (message): Found a compiler flag for AVX2 support, but some other problem exists.

Justin Lemkul jalemkul at vt.edu
Sun Sep 4 19:51:25 CEST 2016

On 9/4/16 1:45 PM, Atila Petrosian wrote:
> Dear Mark,
> In /usr/local/gromasc/bin directory, there are only
> demux.pl
> gmx-completion.bash
> gmx-completion-gmx_mpi.bash
> gmx_mpi
> GMXRC.bash
> GMXRC.csh
> GMXRC.zshxplor2gmx.pl
> In this directory, there is gmx_mpi rather than gmx. It is true based
> on the http://manual.gromacs.org/documentation/5.1/ReleaseNotes/removed-features.html#removed-temporary-symlinks-from-pre-5-0-tool-names
> In above link:
> That period is now over, so gmx tool (or gmx_mpi tool) is the only way
> to use GROMACS in 5.1. The mdrun-only build will build mdrun (or
> mdrun_mpi as appropriate).
> But there are not any tool in /usr/local/gromacs/bin directory
> Are you sure the lack of tools such as pdb2gmx, editconf, mdrun,
> grompp and .... is not a problem ???

This is not a problem.

There is only one program now.  It is called gmx, or gmx_mpi if you enabled MPI. 
  Everything is now a module of the gmx program.

gmx pdb2gmx...
gmx grompp...


There are important changes to several tools, including re-naming and very 
different syntax.  Again, there is lots of documentation, mailing list 
discussion, and tutorial updates that are relevant here.


> I am confused. Please tell me hoe to use gromacs 5.1 tools.
> Best,
> Atila


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