[gmx-users] where're all the tools gone .. ?

Frank Eisenmenger eisenmenger at fmp-berlin.de
Wed Sep 28 15:45:02 CEST 2016

When compiling gromacs 5.1.4, after

cmake .. -DGMX_BUILD_OWN_FFTW=ON -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr/local/gromacs51

make & sudo make install, /usr/local/gromacs51/bin/ contains, ONLY:

   demux.pl, gmx, gmx-completion.bash, gmx-completion-gmx.bash
   GMXRC, GMXRC.bash, GMXRC.csh, GMXRC.zsh, xplor2gmx.pl

But, by 'making' gromacs 4.6.7, I get MANY MORE in <path>/gromacs46/bin/

completion.bash  eneconv    g_bond       g_covar       g_dipoles 
genbox    g_filter       g_hydorder  g_mindist  GMXRC.bash g_options    
g_protonate  grompp    g_select   g_spol      g_wham mdrun_mpi  trjorder
completion.csh   g_anadock  g_bundle     g_current     g_disre genconf   
g_gyrate       g_kinetics  g_morph    GMXRC.csh g_order      
g_rama       g_rotacf  g_sgangle  g_tcaf      g_wheel mk_angndx  
completion.zsh   g_anaeig   g_chi        g_density     g_dist g_enemat  
g_h2order      g_lie       g_msd      GMXRC.zsh g_pme_error  
g_rdf        g_rotmat  g_sham     g_traj      g_x2top pdb2gmx    xpm2ps
demux.pl         g_analyze  g_cluster    g_densmap     g_dos g_energy  
g_hbond        g_luck      gmxcheck   g_nmeig g_polystat   g_rms        
g_saltbr  g_sigeps   g_tune_pme  make_edi tpbconv
do_dssp          g_angle    g_clustsize  g_densorder   g_dyecoupl 
genion    g_helix        g_mdmat     gmxdump    g_nmens g_potential  
g_rmsdist    g_sans    g_sorient  g_vanhove   make_ndx trjcat
editconf         g_bar      g_confrms    g_dielectric  g_dyndom 
genrestr  g_helixorient  g_membed    GMXRC      g_nmtraj g_principal  
g_rmsf       g_sas     g_spatial  g_velacc    mdrun trjconv

How can I build all those tools for gromacs 5.1.4, too ?

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