[gmx-users] simulating AMP covalently linked to a protein

Justin Lemkul jalemkul at vt.edu
Thu May 25 21:31:32 CEST 2017

On 5/25/17 3:12 PM, Gilberto Valdes wrote:
> Thanks for your answer,
> I would like to use charmm27 force field, it covers the hole AMP molecule
> if I use the ADE residue with the 5PHO and 3TER patches implemented in
> charmm software.
> The problem is how to patch the ADE equivalent residue (named RA) in
> gromacs, and then how to linked to the epsilon N group of the Lys.

Use our CHARMM36 port:


It has ATP, from which you can easily make an AMP unit linked to lysine.  You'll 
likely have to parametrize the linkage.  This will involve a geometry 
optimization, charge assignment (most can be taken by analogy, just a few atoms 
around the linkage should change), water interactions, a bonded refinement 
including potential energy scans for dihedrals.  You can probably use CGenFF as 
a starting point but you should ultimately not mix general atom types with 
protein and nucleic acid types.



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