[gmx-users] Building Gromacs

Jasper Jordan hoseknows at gmail.com
Mon Nov 12 22:45:40 CET 2018

I was sure that a month ago when I started down the path of building and
making Gromacs available for our user community, that I read a statement
that whenever there is a hardware change, you need to rebuild Gromacs. I
took this quite literally. So I assume that if hardware isn't identical
(make, model, etc) a rebuild is required.

Well, now I can't find the statement, and we're attempting to deploy to AWS
where we might have 1 core, or 8, and we may have no GPUs, or 1, 8, or 16
per instance. So people are asking why I need to rebuild, and I can't give
them an answer because I can't find the statement any more.

Can somebody tell me if it is required? Was it required? Or is it just a
misremembery that I need to just discard?

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