[gmx-users] multiple electric fields

Alex nedomacho at gmail.com
Sun Oct 28 00:47:20 CEST 2018

> I would propose you add the constant in the code for now and work with 
> it. If it works well please upload a redmine issues with a feture 
> request.
> You literally have to add somewhere
> field = field + c
> check src/gromacs/applied_forces/electricfield.cpp
Thanks for the file location, but this may turn into a bit of a 
nightmare, because that value of c would need to be varied in sweeps, so 
I suppose we will probably stick with LAMMPS for now. That said, of 
course, I would really like to request this feature either in the form 
of offset, or the ability to supply multiple statements for the same 
vector component.


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