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With a motherboard that doesn't split the PCI-E bandwidth, I get a 20% improvement in computation speed with 2 GPUs.  Whether or not you think this is worth the extra $, I leave that up to you!  My system is:  i9-9900K, ASUS WS Z390 Pro motherboard, 2x 1070ti GPUs, 32 MB 3200 MHz RAM.  With my modest system of about 100,000 atoms, I go from 30 ns/day with 1 GPU, to 36 ns/day with 2 GPUs.  -ntmpi 4 -npme 1 -pme gpu -nb gpu, all other combinations of -ntmpi give inferior results with 2 GPUs compared to 1 GPU.  I am using Gromacs-2019.  It is also important to use the fastest memory you want to afford.  The amount of memory is not important but the speed is.


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I'm investigating that myself.  If your motherboard splits the bandwidth between your PCI-E slots then there is no advantage to having 2 GPUs for a GPU like the 1080.  I have just upgraded to a better motherboard that does not split the  bandwidth but I am not finished my testing.  Going to the 2080 offers a 40% increase in speed over the 1080 in terms of raw computing power but it is unclear that it is worth the extra $.

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 Dear all,
I am tryin to set a new workstation and I would like to know if there is a
significant improvement in performance with two gpus (gtx 1080 ti or rtx
2080) rather than just one, and eventually with which cpu/ram requisite.

Thanks in advance for any advice and suggestions

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