[gmx-users] continuing a pulling simulation - append misses the pull_pullx.xvg and pull_pullf.xvg

Alex alexanderwien2k at gmail.com
Tue Feb 26 13:08:27 CET 2019

For continuing a normal MD simulation (with -deffnm test) crashed by wall
time I use "...-deffnm test... -cpi test.cpt -append" and everything is
Now I will do the same for a pulling simulation where the -deffnm is pull
where the coordinate and force are named pull_pullx.xvg and pull_pullf.xvg;

.... -deffnm pull ... -cpi pull.cpt -append

However, the pull_pullx.xvg and pull_pullf.xvg are missing in appending. I
tested -ox pull_pullx.xvg -of pull_pullf.xvg to call those two file but it
didn't work. Would you please let me know how to consider the
pull_pullx.xvg and pull_pullf.xvg to continue a pulling simulation?


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