[gmx-users] energygrp_excl error in g_membed run

Ava Xue avayxue at gmail.com
Mon Mar 25 14:53:53 CET 2019

Hi there,

I'm trying to embed a protein with MG and ATP into the membrane. Based on
the index file with *protein_MG_ATP* as one group and *membrane_Ion_Sol*
the other, I listed these two groups as energygrps in Sample.mdp
(attached), and the former as freezegrps.

However, this didn't allow me to proceed with "energygrp_excl
= protein_MG_ATP protein_MG_ATP" as I kept on getting this error: "Can not
exclude the lattice Coulomb energy between energy groups"

Tried to remove freeze group or energy exclusion groups altogether but got
other errors instead, basically saying that freeze group is required and
energy exclusion groups are necessary for energy exclusion in the freeze

Checked the only relevant thread with answers out there and found that mine
is a different issue - the total charge of each group is nonzero.

I would really appreciate your help!


P.S. Parameters in Sample.mdp were modified semi-arbitrarily, referencing
the previous mdout.mdp and the default settings.

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