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Wed Dec 19 18:32:51 CET 2012

MS, you might have missed some context here.  The Newtown, CT shooting was
the 2nd worst mass shooting incident in the US.  Justin was referring in
addition to the worst mass shooting incident, which happened at Virginia
Tech in 2007, a few hundred feet from his lab.

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> From: Justin Lemkul <jalemkul at vt.edu>
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> On 12/19/12 12:07 PM, ms wrote:
>> On 19/12/12 17:34, Justin Lemkul wrote:
>>> On 12/19/12 10:04 AM, ms wrote:
>>>> Moderation, as an absolute concept, doesn't exist. Everything can be
>>>> "extreme"
>>>> or "moderate", depending on where you are in your opinions. I
>>>> personally see
>>>> this "moderate solution" as a rather extreme example of self-censorship.
>>> Deleting a handful of quotes out of nearly 400 is extreme?
>> IMHO yes, even *one* would be too many, because it's a matter of principle.
>> You
>> see? Everyone is different! That's why (again, IMHO) to talk about
>> "moderation"
>> or "offensiveness" is an entirely subjective concept and, as such,
>> problematic.
>>> Excuse me if I'm prudish and thin-skinned for finding it very
>>> insensitive that a program at random may print out "killing children"
>>> (irrespective of context) after a massacre in our country that brings
>>> back horrific memories of a similar event that took place a few hundred
>>> feet from where I work every day and affected me deeply.
>> Justin, I have utmost respect for your work and for the immense help you give
>> everyday on the gmx mailing lists. I was just praising you, making your name,
>> to
>> a student of mine telling him to join the mailing list. But yes: that's a bit
>> thin-skinned. Affected you deeply? Children die every day, it's not that
>> their
>> death is more important if it's geographically closer to us. And it's weird
>> that
>> you complain, given that you surely know well what is the concept of parent
>> and
>> child processes in UNIX. You find it insensitive nonetheless? Do you have
>> some
>> deeper reason to be offended by that, a loss in family or whatever? Sure I
>> understand. Turn the quotes off in your environment, and be happy this way.
> Please don't belittle or pretend to know what I am experiencing and have
> previously.  I know people that died that horrific day on this campus.
> I think this thread is becoming unproductive.  We've voiced our opinions.  I
> am 
> done defending my opinion on this matter and I hope the core developers see a
> bit of reason beyond this ridiculous academic exercise as this point.
> -Justin
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