[gmx-developers] debug build: cannot find debug symbols in gmxlib/mdlib folder

Tianwu Zang tz4 at rice.edu
Sat Mar 9 01:23:29 CET 2013

Dear all,
I am new here and I am trying to to debug build the GROMACS source code.
I found if I make CFLAGS=-g3 -O0, I can successfully check codes in folder
kernel using any debugger, however, fail to see codes in gmxlib/mdlib folder
since "no debug symbols". For example, when I am trying to debug mdrun, I
can see non-assembly codes of function "do_md" in /kernel/md.c but cannot
see codes of function "do_force" which is in /mdlib/force.c .
On the other hand, I have found there seems to have debug symbols in every
object files and "*.so" files in each folder, like:
00000000 N .debug_abbrev
00000000 N .debug_aranges
00000000 N .debug_info
00000000 N .debug_line
00000000 N .debug_loc
00000000 N .debug_macinfo
00000000 N .debug_str
but since GROMACS uses libtool to generate libraries, does it mean that I
should add other flags to make codes in libraries seeable?
Thank you so much!

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