dgsolv.dat missing? (was Re: [gmx-users] Gromacs 3.1 beta released)

Erik Lindahl lindahl at stanford.edu
Mon Feb 18 18:53:47 CET 2002

nicolis at guideo.fr wrote:

> OK, just downloaded, compiled and installed on a G4 under MacOSX.
> The only problem in the installation procedure is configure not creating
> correctly the makefiles under csh or tcsh. As you had indicated, using
> "bash ./configure" fixes the problem and then all works OK.

Hi Yannis,

Yes - this is a known problem with OS X, which we hope eventually will be fixed
in autoconf/automake. Not much we can do about it!

> But, I have a problem with g_sas: after selecting the group I get:
> Fatal error: Library file dgsolv.dat not found in current dir nor in default
> directories.
> (You can set the directories to search with the GMXLIB path variable.)
> Indeed there is no dgsolv.dat file in the gromacs tree (and GMXLIB is not
> set by the way).
> I have not this problem with the previous version (but I have wrong results
> with the previous version of g_sas).
> Is this a file missing or is it my installation?

No - I had missed adding the file to the Makefile.am (to make it part of the
distribution). I've fixed it in cvs now.



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