[gmx-users] Segmentation fault in mdrun!!!!!!!!!!!!

David spoel at xray.bmc.uu.se
Sun Feb 23 21:15:52 CET 2003

On Sun, 2003-02-23 at 05:38, nanyu101 wrote:
> Dear gmx-users,
>  I don't know what happened to my system.I just try to minimize my bilayer(POPC128a.PDB) downloaded from Dr.Tieleman't web.I think I'v succeeded in energy minimization and tried to run some dynamics simulation.But when I run,
> mdrun -s popcmd.tpr -o popcmd.trr -c popcmd.gro
> The system told as follows. The file popcmd.tpr comes from my energy minization's results.
> Back Off! I just backed up ener.edr to ./#ener.edr.1#
> starting mdrun 'popc'
> 20000 steps,     20.0 ps.
> Back Off! I just backed up popcem.trr to ./#popcem.trr.1#
> Segmentation fault
> Would you please tell me what happened?
What happened is a memory violation in the program. Writing an array
outside its bounds. This can be due to two things: bugs, or large
forces. Since you have reported problems equilibrating your system the
latter seems most likely.

Groeten, David.
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