[gmx-users] lam-mpi question

aneamtu at iasi.mednet.ro aneamtu at iasi.mednet.ro
Sun Jul 18 13:40:40 CEST 2004

I am new to using lam-mpi environment so my question 
may appear stupid. 
I installed the lam environment (7.0.6) on two pc-s 
under SuSe 9.1. 
I configured ssh to have full access without needing 
to supply a password from one of the computers. 
When I invoke for example: 
I can connect to the other computer with no problem. 
I can even give the command: 
with success when I am connected. 
But when I try to : 
~>lamboot -v ~/nodesfile 
where nodesfile is the file that describes the set of 
nodes where I want to start lamboot, the above command 
stops with the message: 
bash: line 1: hboot: command not found 
When I try for example: 
~>ssh -n tkill -v 
the answer is: 
bash: line 1: tkill: command not found 
but if I first connect through ssh and after that 
issue tkill -v command, it works. 
I tried to make it run but .. no solution to this 
Does anyone can help with an advice? 
Thank you in advance, 

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