[gmx-users] Re: Compiling Gromacs 3.2.1 on IBM p690+ Power4

Pim Schravendijk schraven at mpip-mainz.mpg.de
Fri Jul 30 15:20:20 CEST 2004

Thanks to Fiona for her tips.

Just one additional note: --disable-float will result in a double 
precision compilation, the name is a bit confusing I guess.

I managed to install it now on a 1.7 Ghz Power4 machine. The benchmark
result for d.villin is quite dissappointing: 5997 ps/day on one node, this
is more or less half the result of a single node simulation on a 2 ghz
powermac (11220 ps/day)! Is this the result of the altivec loops on the
mac? Is there no performance-boosting alternative for the power4? Then the
power4s are quite a bad buy for gromacs users I guess, 

Greetings, Pim

Pim Schravendijk - PhD Student
Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research

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