[gmx-users] New GROMOS FF

Andrey V. Golovin golovin at genebee.msu.su
Thu May 12 10:24:31 CEST 2005

Hi all !

I'm blind like Maik :) please give us the _direct_ link :)
By the way Maik do you know simulations there people managed DNA
transformation from B to A form?
I'm still checking my parameters.

Maik Goette> Maybe I am blind...but I can't find it...
Maik Goette> It's a really new one...:)

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Maik Goette> Anton Feenstra wrote:
>> Maik Goette wrote:
>>> Hi
>>> Is anyone able to tell me, when the new 45A4 FF (soares et. al. 2005)
>>> will be available for GROMACS?
>> IIRC, it is available for download on the contributions section.
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