[gmx-users] pointer errors when compiling parallel mdrun with intel compiler

Lubos Vrbka lists at vrbka.net
Wed Oct 4 10:51:22 CEST 2006

thanks for your reply.

> As you realise, objecting here is just a higher level of pedanticism. 
> They appear to be non-fatal errors, as you'd hope.
> snew is a macro defined in include/smalloc.h where you'll see the reason 
> for the error - (void *) save_calloc is called and the return value 
> assigned to the first parameter. A RHS typecast would fix this, but you 
> can't make that work in the macro, so again I suggest finding a way to 
> turn off this error.
well, the first thing i wanted to do was - not surprisingly - snew((int 
*)x,y) but for the apparent reason it didn't work... so the quest for 
the command line switches begins...


Lubos _ at _"

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