[gmx-users] Compile Gromacs for Blue Gene/L

Eric Jakobsson jake at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Sun Apr 8 23:19:58 CEST 2007

As I understand it, Blue Matter is a very stripped down laboratory 
code, so I think the scaling is the only large virtue that one would 
want to acquire.

At 02:06 AM 4/7/2007, you wrote:
>Eric Jakobsson wrote:
>>Not a direct response but a thought:  Wouldn't it be wonderful to 
>>have a code that combined the best qualities of Gromacs and Blue 
>>Matter?  Is it possible to assemble a group or community of people to do that?
>Erik L. has been in touch with IBM about their 3D FFT routines, but 
>apparently they pointed out that there is already another FFTW based 
>library that is even better, so we'll be trying that. Apart from 
>that, I do not know too much about Blue matter. The IBM website 
>boasts about scaling, which looks great indeed, but it doesn't say 
>anything about absolute performance (ns/day), which may be in the 
>papers of course.
>We are currently in the process of writing up a paper on the 
>absolute performance of the gromacs development version, and even if 
>GROMACS doesn't reach the same absolute performance as Blue matter 
>(which it may!) it gives a lot more bang for the buck in terms of 
>hardware costs.
>But to further the discussion: is there anything else in Blue matter 
>that would be interesting to have implemented into GROMACS?
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