[gmx-users] query about .xpm file

sangeeta kundu sangeeta0983 at yahoo.co.in
Thu Feb 22 11:21:47 CET 2007

Dear Sir,

    I converted  the output of do_dssp program (.xpm
file) into an .eps file by the command xpm2ps,I also
specified the size by -size command, but the problem
is that when I am observing the trajectory for
10-200ps the output looks fine , but as I increase the
time scale from 100ps to 1/2 - 8/10 ns  I am observing
only a line, I mean to say as I increase the X axis,
the Y axis is being quenched, so it is not anyway
producing the correct data type,I can not understand
how to get rid of this problem , How can I visualise
the .xpm file, How can I convert it successfully into
a postscript file, so that every residue and the time
scale will be clearly visible, PLease help.

Sangeeta Kundu
Research Fellow
Bioinformatics Centre
Bose Institute

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