[gmx-users] gromacs-3.3.1 and gcc-4.1.2

Tuan A. Tran tuantran167 at gmail.com
Tue May 15 20:25:13 CEST 2007

Hi all,

I have problem with using genion program. It halted when I am trying to
replace solvent molecules with ions. I have gromacs-3.3.1 which is a package
in debian etch. So I removed it and re-compiled with gcc-4.1.2 . It did not
solve the problem. When I compiled gromacs-3.2.1 with gcc-4.1.2, then it
worked (on a dell i386 dual core machine). I am also aware of a sucessful
compilation of gromacs-3.3.1 with gcc-4.0.2.
When I used genion program in gromacs-3.3.1 version on a AMD 64x2 machine
running debian etch, it ran just fine.

Does anyone know what is going on with gromacs-3.3.1 and gcc-4.1.2 on a i386
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