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Tsjerk Wassenaar tsjerkw at gmail.com
Fri Jan 11 13:13:07 CET 2008


> Hi ,
> I have gone through gromacs mailing list there i came to know that u
> have faced same problem while executing the command x2top.

Performing a search on my name and x2top, I find three entries, none of
which give just a hint of me having used x2top, nor of me having had
problems with it.

> I am also not
> getting file named ffG43a1.n2t for generation of .rtp & .top file from
> .gro as input file. I am expecting that i will be getting the clue
> regarding that by you.

Please mind your words. You're expecting me to? You're not paying me. I'm
not in any way obliged to give advice or comments on this mailing list. I do
so if I feel like it, and if I think I know what I'm talking about. You will
find your queries best handled on this mailing list. Please refrain from
sending mails like these privately, unless it concerns a
program/procedure/paper by the person you're sending to, or when you're
invited to take the discussion off-list. Note that if I were the person
having the solution to your problem and I was to mail you back privately,
the answer wouldn't be archived, couldn't be found by somebody else
encountering a similar problem, and people would send more mails!

> i will be very thankful to you if i will be getting help from you.

If you have a problem which I think I can solve or at least reflect on, I
will do so... on the mailing list (unless falling under the categories
described above).

> IIT Bombay


Tsjerk A. Wassenaar, Ph.D.
Junior UD (post-doc)
Biomolecular NMR, Bijvoet Center
Utrecht University
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3584 CH Utrecht
The Netherlands
P: +31-30-2539931
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